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dialogues, live @ shapeshifter lab brooklyn

Artdialogue /

Warren Smith (vib, dr, perc), Edith Lettner (as, ss, duduk)

On this live recording, saxophonist Edith Lettner (who also plays the Armenian duduk) presents herself in an exceedingly clairaudient improvisational union with veteran percussionist Warren Smith. What you can expect is improvisational music on a high level. Lettner proves to be a sensitive and virtuoso instrumentalist who doesn’t dread leaving her comfort zone while she trenchantly interacts with her partner Smith. Their range covers careful touches to swirling cascades of notes, occasionally suggesting a penchant for small intervallics, many times even in parallel or jumbled in lively alternation. It’s a treat hearing how Lettner can get persistently wound up in small motifs and particles while she continuously refines them as if she were possessed (in the most positive sense of the word, naturally). Smith is a fabulous conversationalist and you wouldn’t expect anything else from such an accomplished player. They draw on all kinds of sources, cis and transatlantic as well as others and yet they always remain true to themselves, thankfully. The result is definitively worth listening to- it is very good. Thank you for the dialogue!

(Bertl Grisser)

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